Brincos em ouro amarelo 14k com corrente de diamantes redondos e brilhantes


Height: 22.0 mm

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Ouro amarelo
Ouro branco
Ouro rosa

Elevate your elegance with our Round Brilliant Diamond Chain Drop Cluster Stud Earrings, a harmonious fusion of modernity and timeless allure, meticulously crafted in the warm radiance of 14k Yellow Gold. These exquisite earrings begin with a stud base adorned with a single, brilliant round diamond. From this base, a delicate chain gracefully descends, connecting to a lower section. The lower part features three mesmerizing clusters of round brilliant diamonds, each composed of a central larger round diamond encircled by smaller round diamonds. These three clusters are elegantly separated by single round diamonds, creating an enchanting cascade of sparkle and sophistication. These earrings are a celebration of grace and glamour, making them a cherished accessory for any occasion and a symbol of enduring elegance that seamlessly blends contemporary design with classic allure.





F, G (Top Wesselton)


SI (Ligeiramente Incluído)

Tempo de produção

Quatro semanas

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